“Speed is man’s ability to make movements in the shortest time possible”. The request by starred Chefs (such as Mario Batali, for instance) to work with a more fast-cooking artisan pasta, in order to meet the needs of modern cuisine, encouraged us to create a product that could combine future and innovation and keep quality and tastiness at the same time. After 2 years of research, we created 90 RAPIDA Spaghetti, made only with durum wheat and water and bronze drawn with the classic artisan production process by Rustichella. THE INTUITION was to take advantage of the MEMORY EFFECT of the retinal structure of gluten, which also keeps the big molecules of the starch. Thanks to a well-tested and patented bronze die, it is first drawn like classic Spaghetti; from that moment, the die opens through a kind of bronze ploughshare and ends up forming a central groove which makes Spaghetti look like the letter “C”. While in hot water, “90 RAPIDA” has a wider contact surface, and that is why it can re-take the original shape of classic Spaghetti (by closing the central grooving). This product is revolutionising the concept of food through many advantages: fast cooking, extraordinary decrease of energies (gas, electric current, water, etc.), high digestibility (the time of the starch in the water is reduced, therefore it has less time to gel), high performance in cooking with an equal dry weight and PERSISTENCE OF PERFUME AND TASTE OF WHEAT. Furthermore, 90 RAPIDA Spaghetti is a SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT: no wasting! That is because it is not a pre-cooked product, which normally needs to be eaten in a few hours, otherwise it has to be thrown away. With our FAST-COOKING Spaghetti, Rustichella has been keeping its own tradition since 1924 that allows us to export nowadays to 70 Countries in the world. We look to the future and are aware that this kind of product, in its simplicity, genuineness and media rapidity, can be served not only in the starred restaurants of the whole world, but also in the kitchen of all Italians. “THIS IS NOT A NEW TYPE OF PASTA, RATHER A NEW CONCEPT OF PASTA, SOMETHING THAT DID NOT EXIST BEFORE, BUT NOW IT DOES.” (Giancarlo D'Annibale, Amministratore Delegato Rustichella d'Abruzzo)


The latest product in gastronomy that enriches the already wide range of Rustichella. From now on, the consumers will be able to taste an excellent dish of Spaghetti in a very short time! With RAPIDA Pasta, we bring all the tastiness of an artisan pasta to your table in just 90 seconds! High quality semolina, bronze dies and slow drying process at low temperature make 90 Seconds Spaghetti suitable also for those who are not familiar with cooking: it is EASY, FAST and obviously GOOD! The packaging has an innovative “futuristic” appearance, telling consumers that Rustichella wants to break the misconception that Spaghetti is a slow product that does not fit the frenetic rhythms of everyday life. The innovation of “RAPIDA 90 Seconds Spaghetti” is the very thin (and patented) bronze die in the form of the letter “C”. The result is an excellent product with a very short cooking time, just 90 seconds! It has received a number of international awards, such as the “Global Competence in Food” Award at 2015 Anuga food show (one of the most important F&B events in the world) as Best Packaging, and “Fabi AWARD” at 2016 National Restaurant Association in Chicago.


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