Organic Triticum

Cereals have been cultivated since Neolithic and were one of the most important foods in Roman times. They have always been protagonists in everyone’s daily diet. That is why Rustichella d’Abruzzo chose for its 100% organic pasta line the name TRITICUM, which is the Latin word for wheat (called that way because of the need to scrub it and thresh it to remove the chaff), by proposing all those ancient varieties of organic durum wheat (TRITICUM TURGIDUM) linked to the Italian tradition since ancient times: TRITICUM TURGIDUM DURUM (durum wheat and durum whole wheat “Senatore Cappelli”), TRITICUM TURGIDUM DURUM TURANICUM (durum wheat semolina “Saragolla”) and TRITICUM TURGIDUM DURUM DICOCCUM (whole farro flour).


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