Mixed Berries Paccherini by Rustichella d'Abruzzo and the nomination as 2017 Food Product

Ciufoletti_premio2016After the victory in 2016 of INNOVATION AWARD for the Ciufoletti ZEROTRE with red fruits (the organic pastina for kids by Rustichella d'Abruzzo made with 100% of organic durum wheat semolina and 35% of organic red fruits puree as Raspberry, Bluebarries and Currant), we received the nomination for "2017 FOOD PRODUCT" (1st CLASS DISH) about one of our last shape, the Mixed Berries Paccherini (little Paccheri), made with durum wheat semolina and fresh pureee of mixed berries. The One-starred Michelin Chef William Zonfa from L'Aquila has cooked mixed berries Paccherini in occasion of THE COLOR INSIDE 2016, the amazing furniture fair in Milan a few months ago. Distilled of porcini mushrooms, asparagus, cream of DOP saffron from L'Aquila and juniper smoked ricotta were the top ingredients for this amazing, super yummy and gourmet recipe!

FOOD PRODUCT is the annual award organized by FOOD magazine with the goal to improve the value of the new or innovative Food&Beverage products.Paccherini_Taste2016

The third edition will happen next February 16th at Gruppo 24 Ore group in Milan within of FOOD MATCH, the national b2b event 100% fully oriented to high quality, production management, service and italian Food&Beverage field. The jury is composed of retail, communication, marketing, consultation and market research experts.

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