PrimoGrano Tour 2017: let's start! Talking about Abruzzo with "the family".

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PrimoGrano Tour 2017 is ready to start. Rustichella d'Abruzzo's PrimoGrano (primo grano means "first grain" in Italian) was the idea of owners and master pasta makers Gianluigi and Maria Stefania Peduzzi, a human and culinary experience into the Rustichella d'Abruzzo land to celebrate the annual harvest of 100% Abruzzo grown wheat. PrimoGrano is the perfect destination to discover the nature and tradition of Abruzzo with the Rustichella friends, international Chefs, food writers and journalists from USA, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Cyprus and South Korea which will can discover the best places of Abruzzo. Workshops and culinary lectures on artisan pasta, evo oil, farro and ancient italian durum wheat, will be the key points to discover tradition and history of Rustichella, as well as "How to make Pasta alla Chitarra", one of the best and emotional moments of PrimoGrano where Maria Stefania Peduzzi (RdA Owner) will be show all her secrets to make the best handmade pasta with love.

Furthermore, PrimoGrano includes taste and knowing of the culinary and cultural excellences of Abruzzo, from the ancient villages of Vestina Area like Penne to the amazing Costa dei Trabocchi. "Treshing Party" will be the key moment of PrimoGrano, where all of our guests will can be present at the first harvest of the year in the beautiful valley of Santa Caterina in Loreto Aprutino (Pescara), with an amazing view of Gran Sasso and Majella mountains. Later, the dinner party and the traditional pupa dance, an ancient folklore from Abruzzo.

Rustichella d'Abruzzo PrimoGrano is a pasta made for the true pasta lover. Fragrant as freshly baked bread, with a supple and soft texture, this pasta is best enjoyed with very simple olive oil-based sauces, dressed minimally so that one can enjoy the pasta’s unique flavors. The PrimoGrano line's green paper bags are decorated with white sprigs of wheat in celebration of the 100% Abruzzo heirloom grains.

Facebook Live of Treshing Party from 6.30 pm (italian local time) of 2017, Saturday 29th on RdA Facebook Fan Page. Official hashtag: #primoGrano201​7 and #rustichelladabruzzo.

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