The new TRITICUM Organic Flours by Rustichella d'Abruzzo

TRITICUM durum wheat semolina Rustichella d'Abruzzo new organic flours

Rustichella d'Abruzzo becoming sensitive interpreter of environmentally sustainable economy has managed to overcome the challenge of globality without sever the symbiotic relationship with the Abruzzo land. The challenge was to offer fully organic products in perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Organic farming for the highly innovative nature of its manufacturing techniques, not only represents "a return to the past", but looks to the future.

We are proud to present our new TRITICUM organic flours (from the old mill stone), all those Ancient Variety of typical grains from the Italian tradition. The ancient grains are not those varieties grown in the past, remained in authentic and original in time, which have not undergone any change from the man. To choose these old varieties, it means to enrich our nutritions to rediscover the flavors, fragrances and traditions of the past and contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of Abruzzo territory, supporting the enhancement of a genuine organic farming.

TRITICUM organic flours (from the old mill stone) by Rustichella d'Abruzzo, are the best solution for Restaurants and Pizzeria who want to serve high quality and local product from Abruzzo. Our organic flours are used also for pizza, bread and cakes. Not only pasta:

Farro - Whole Wheat Farro Flour from Abruzzo 100% Organic

Remilled Durum Wheat Semolina 100% Organic

Solina - Soft Wheat Flour 100% Organic

Senatore Cappelli - Durum Semi-Whole Wheat Semolina 100% Organic

Senatore Cappelli - Durum Whole Wheat Flour 100% Organic

Saragolla - Durum Semi-Whole Wheat Semolina 100% Organic

"Choosing organic for us - Maria Stefania Peduzzi owner of RdA said - represent to engage in the protection of environmental and cultural biodiversity, guarding territory without polluting the land; it means preserving the balance of ecosystem over time and enhancing the culture and local traditions."

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