Training Tour "Spring Edition" by Rustichella d'Abruzzo is ready to start

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Training is one of our goal, and we are always in front to export the Abruzzo wine & food culture in 70 countries around the world. The spring edition of TRAINING TOUR 2017 (three days of training courses for some of our importers) will start tonight with the gala dinner at "LA BILANCIA" Hotel & Restaurant, an amazing temple of the Abruzzo flavors!

In the next three days of this new stage of TRAINING TOUR, our friends (Importers and Chefs) from UK, IRELAND, ISLAND, CYPRUS, BELGIUM and GERMANY, will learn all the secrets about production, RdA brand communication & coaching and top cooking of Rustichella products, in order to represent our brand in their country. There will be culture and entertainment moments with the visit into the Rustichella land and amazing Vestina Area. Moreover, it will be possible also find live videos on our official Facebook Fan Page and follow the event on our official Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #RustichellaTrainingTour17.

"This event is a food & wine and human experience - said the President of RdA, Gianluigi Peduzzi - but in the meantime, it's a promotion of Abruzzo and its values. Sharing our culture with friends is our mission and this mood represent the real value of Rustichella, who reinforces the friendship with those who consider our brand a real value."

"Abruzzo is a magic land - said the Owner of Rda, Maria Stefania Peduzzi - for this reason, we try to tell the world its history also with these training and cultural moments, that they leave in the heart of those who participate a great love for the Abruzzo region and its ancient history, made by traditions that are handed down from mother to daughter."

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